Hyper-personalization Engine

Autonomous AI Engine that delivers relevant and personalized
experience for every customer, each visit, each click

Autonomous Consumer
Insights platform

Easy to use, easy to integrate Streaming Media Personalization platform
that delivers Consumer Insights with unparalleled accuracies in real-time

Argoid way
Traditional way
Click Stream data
Customer Information
Product Catalog
Customer Feedback
Data Cleansing
Machine Learning

Manual Data

  • Data inconsistencies across various sources

  • Data quality issues on customer master data

  • Missing real-time events from click-stream data

Manual Data

  • Unstructured data issues with product descriptions

  • Unstructured data issues with customer feedback

  • Duplication of products in catalog from different sellers

Manual Machine

  • Low accuracy of recommendations

  • Recent activities not correlated with history

  • Irrelevant search results(not taking personalization or context into account)

Product Recommendation
Personalized Search
Churn Prevention
Consumer Insights

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