Stay focused on your Business, while we take care of generating Insights for your business from our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Platforms that Store, Process and Analyze your data in real-time, enabling you with Multi-Dimensional growth avenues and opportunities

Leading Provider of Big Data, IoT, and AI Applications

argoid Platform

Comprehensive platform as a service for the rapid design, development, and operation of big data, AI, and IoT software.

argoid Applications

A suite of proven, extensible, cross-industry applications to deliver predictive insights for critical, real-time business challenges.

argoid Enterprise Data Lake

Unified, secure, model-driven architecture to enable users to rapidly access disparate data sets enterprise and extraprise.

Argoid Data Platform

Argoid, our auto-scaling platform powered by AI, gives you the time to concentrate on your business while we take care of the heavy lifting.

Our highly reliable platform provides you the robustness and seamless integration which helps you out with smooth flow of your business.

Powered by Argoid AI

Argoid AI learns your data as it flows in, it can automatically detect and generate insights out of it. It makes your life easier by helping you discover data, detect anomalies, generate patterns out of it.

Argoid AI becomes your intelligent data assistant getting better day by day.